What follows is some personal thoughts after reading and praying about the current furor in Egypt. For a more thorough analysis of the events from an American who has lived in Egypt for years, visit my friend Jayson Casper’s blog, A Sense of Belonging. It contains perhaps the best, most in-depth reporting with people on […]

Visiting from my recent guest post in Trevin Wax’s Gospel Coalition blog? Thanks for dropping by! Take a look around the site for more content, and leave a comment or two! In the beginning of our engagement, my fiancée Kelsey and I considered having a small, private wedding by the ocean, far away from our […]

A screenshot from Jessica Rey's Q Ideas presentation.

Modesty means more than restraint in clothing. Jenny was skeptical about joining our Bible study. She had known most of us for years – we all went to a small high school in rural southwest Iowa – but she still felt she was on the outside of our tight-knit group. Yet Jenny was witty and […]

Superman: Man of Steel is a Christian movie. I wish it wasn’t. If you know Superman, Man of Steel’s Christian themes won’t be a surprise to you. The Superman comics, created in 1938 by the sons of Jewish immigrants, was originally intended to be an allegory on the story of Christ, created just before World […]

In a free society, tributes to disparate philosophies should stand together in peace. Later this month, what is supposedly the nation’s first atheist monument will be unveiled outside the Bradford County courthouse in Starke, Florida, next to a hotly-debated Ten Commandments monument. American Atheists, a group that originally wanted the Ten Commandments torn down, has […]

Here’s the most important stuff on my screen this week: The Answers: N.T. Wright answers a set of questions posed by readers of Rachel Held Evans’ blog. Unfortunately, not including mine, which was retweeted by Evans: @rachelheldevans questions for #NTWright: Christus Victor vs. Penal Substitution: Why not both? rachelheldevans.com/blog/ask-nt-wr… — KC McGinnis (@CousinKC) June 5, […]

Engagement rings are a scam. We all know this, right? Apparently, around World War II, a group of innovative capitalists in the diamond industry sat down and decided that diamond rings would become the status quo in engagement jewelry. They found a way to limit the flow of diamonds, which were actually fairly common, and […]


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